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Memory Support at The GARDENS at Meredith Bay Colony Club

Memory Loss, Alzheimer's and related Diseases ----

It happens. It happens all too often and increasingly we see memory loss as one of the most important reasons for why people choose to leave their own home.

A classic book called 'The 36 Hour Day' by Nancy Mace describes the almost impossible challenges that family members are confronted with in caring for their loved ones who have advanced Alzheimers. It can feel like a 36 hour day. It is often said that with Alzheimer's there are really multiple patients: not only the one person with the disease -- but also the family members who very often are the primary caregivers.
You don't have to go it alone. We created The GARDENS to provide the Lakes Region with a dignified and affordable setting to provide the very best in care and support for those with Memory Loss and Alzheimer's and related diseases.

At The GARDENS we don't take the place of families --- we work with families doing what we do best so that families can continue to do what they do best -- which is to continue to be that bridge that connects their loved one's past with their present. Working together with Families we find ways to truly Celebrate the Moments!

Our Goal is simple: To Maximize Quality of Life by creating Moments to Celebrate! Alzheimer's is not a disease that we are going to cure. We do not spend our time on memory drills or reality orientation that only create frustration and sadness. We do not concentrate on what someone cannot do --- we focus on what they can do! Although people experience a great deal of loss -- they still retain far more potential for new and different experiences. That is where we focus our time and our energy.

Unlike other programs that rely heavily on structure -- we embrace a culture of spontaneity, flexibility and individuality. We respond to the needs of our Members -- we don't force them to respond to the needs of a 'program'. Most often it is all about doing simple things well by doing them at the right time and in the right way. If it is a beautiful day outside and its ten o'clock in the morning and someone is dying for an ice cream cone --- then our job is to hopefully find 2 or 3 other people who would enjoy the same --- get into the trusty Ford Flex and head off around the Lake to find the best Ice Cream Parlor and have a great time in the process. Lunch that day can be a little late. Some days it just makes sense to have dessert first!

Dignity is a function of many things beginning with treating each person as an individual which is why everything we do is designed around individual needs that we know and expect will be constantly change. Next dignity requires privacy as a sign of respect for the individual and to that end we are proud that The GARDENS offers only private apartments that are complete with their own private showers. Lastly dignity also requires there be an underlying sense of security which is why we created a truly wonderful environment that provides for complete freedom of movement while at the same time providing the security needed to ensure safety. We never use bracelets/anklets as a way of controlling or limiting a Members ability to move about unrestrained.

Although we pride ourselves on being residential in our approach we also recognize that great care requires the presence and availability of medical professionals including Nurses, our Physician Medical Director and our consultant Geriatric Psychiatrist. We also add to that list our Executive Chef and his Staff who provide truly extraordinary meals! The GARDENS by being a distinctive but separate part of the Meredith Bay Colony Club has all the advantages of being small -- along with efficiencies and amenities that come with being part of a larger organization. What other Memory Loss/Alzheimer's Care Center has a 90 degree pool available under the same roof!

We realize the harsh economic realities of life and we are proud to be able to offer the best of care, services and amenities at a fraction of the cost that others are charging. By providing care in a non-medical residential setting and by being part of the larger organization we can truly provide the best of care for less!

Dementia Care

Not all Memory Loss is caused by Alzheimer's Disease - some are the result of different related diseases, various kinds of dementia as well as being the result of brain injury. At MBCC we are your first choice for care for those with memory loss and we do in an environment and in a manner that ensures the Member's dignity at all times.

Special touches that feel like home

Memory Support Care Members live in private furnished suites that come complete with window treatments, wall-to-wall carpeting, individual climate control and private baths featuring easy-access showers with assist bars. Each suite also includes a memory display box at the entry filled with photos and other personal treasures that help guide Members to their own door.

Memory Support Living at Meredith Bay Colony Club

Resident Testimonials:

Care delivered with compassion

Family members know that their loved ones are receiving high-quality care. Our specially trained, compassionate professionals provide individualized attention ranging from supervision, to assistance. Alzheimer's/memory support care includes:

  • An individualized service plan based on a comprehensive individual evaluation
  • Routine and as-needed re-evaluation of each resident to address changes in his or her level of service
  • Assistance with dining, dressing, grooming, bathing and toileting, transferring and ambulation
  • Monitoring of nutritional status
  • Coordination of medical appointments and health care needs
  • Medication administration
  • Wellness programming such as periodic health screening and exercise classes
  • Group-oriented and one-on-one programs provided by our specially trained staff based on individual needs and preferences
  • Nursing care for specific procedures

At Meredith Bay Colony Club, licensed nurses will provide supervision in Memory Support Care, and our care staff will be trained to meet the needs of older adults and to encourage self-sufficiency.