Helping Hands Program

Help is Available...

Caregiver Burn-out: Memory loss affects more than just the one who has it. Perhaps those who experience the most anxious days and sleepless nights are the devoted family members. Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s day in and day out is an exhausting responsibility. 

Help is Available: While there are no limits to your love and devotion, there are limits to your stamina. The “Helping Hands” Program allows exhausted family members the opportunity for a much-needed break. Our staff takes care of your loved one, while you take care of yourself. 

A Practical Solution: We have the staff and experience. The “Helping Hands” Program includes private accommodations. Three delicious meals and a planned program of activities and exercise in a safe, secure environment. Best of all it has around the clock professional supervision. Your loved one receives care and attention, no matter the need or the hour. So if you have been doing the caring at home and you feel the need for a break, contact us today. 

“Helping Hands” Program has a minimum stay of 7days or a maximum of 21 days. You decide how much time you need. You select the plan that is best for you.