The Importance of Community for Seniors

During COVID-19 people all over are feeling a sense of isolation. However, this time also helps to remind us just how important our community, friends, and family truly are. As we grow older we can sometimes lose touch with friends, but retirement housing can offer a sense of community for seniors who may be dealing with loneliness or simply looking for more chances to connect with peers.

Negative Effects of Isolation

Long periods of isolation are neither enjoyable nor healthy. Evidence suggests that loneliness increases the risk of both physical and mental illnesses, especially for seniors. Whereas frequent socialization in older adults is believed to be linked to improved cognitive ability and memory, likely due to the increased mental stimulation it provides.

How Retirement Communities Can Help

Living in a retirement community provides opportunities to socialize through community spaces, interest groups, and organized activities. Many communities, such as MBCC, have an activities department devoted to creating and organizing programs. Here at MBCC, we use member input to create both physically and mentally engaging activities. Many members also directly help create special interest groups and are able to participate in as many or as few activities and programs as they choose. Learn more about our community here

Some examples of activities commonly found in retirement communities include fitness classes, educational courses, organized games, a variety of guest speakers, and group outings. While some of these activities are currently being put on hold to protect resident’s health, modified versions of activities still provide a sense of community even during these times. Additionally, simply the presence of staff and other residents can help combat feelings of isolation.

Everyone’s situation is different, but finding others with whom you can connect is important at any age. Retirement housing provides easy access to socialization and helps create a sense of community for seniors who otherwise may be feeling isolated.